The Institute of Research and Development, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University is an office of the University that was developed from the Research and Academic Service Center established according to the Ministry of Education Notification on the Segmentation of the Public Sector in the Suan Sunandha Teacher College dated 12 March 1987. The Research and Academic Service Center was responsible for research and academic services in several fields of study, cooperation and coordination in the research and academic services both inside and outside the College, publication and promotion of the research, and training of personnel in several fields of study by giving coordination and providing services. The operation of the center in the earlier period focused on academic service provision, mostly in the form of training. There were very few teachers who conducted research. Later, when the Teacher Colleges expanded education to the bachelor’s degree level, research was clearly stated as a mission in the Act of Teacher Colleges B.E.2527 (1984). The policies and plans of work related to research were also regulated. The conduct of research gradually developed until the College was elevated to become a Rajabhat Institute, according to the Act of Rajabhat Institutes B.E. 2538 (1995). The Research Center was established in the public sector, following Section 10(4), to be at the same level as a faculty. The offices can be divided into secretariats or government agencies; otherwise, they are classified as the equivalent of the Office of Research and Academic Services B.E. 2547 (2004). Suan Sunandha Rajabhat Institute was elevated to become a Rajabhat University according to the Act of Rajabhat Universities 2547 (14 June 2004). Consequently, the Research and Academic Service Center was elevated to become the Institute of Research and Development in order to conduct research, foster development, and provide academic services for the university.

The Institute of Research and Development, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University is an office with the status equal to that of a faculty. It is responsible for conducting research and providing academic service in several fields of study with cooperation and coordination both inside and outside the university in order to publish and promote research in accordance with the Act of Universities B.E.2547 (2004). The focus is on conducting the mission of research in the Rajabhat University as stated in Section 7: “Universities must be the institutes of higher education for developing the country, enhancing national wisdom, restoring the learning power, elevating local wisdom, creating knowledge for stable growth with the objectives to participate in the maintenance and exploitation of natural resources and the environment with balance and stability. The universities’ aim at providing education, promoting advanced knowledge for teaching, researching, giving academic services to society, improving, expanding, and developing technology for preserving art and culture, producing teachers, and enhancing the status of teachers.” Along with Section 8 (8), the conducting of missions of the universities in developing the country includes the study, research, promotion, and expansion of Royal projects.


Researching is the power of wisdom leading to the development of Thailand.


To become the leading research university for people
 To become the research center for development, locally to internationally
To focus on the academic services leading to sustainable local development  


  • Have a good management system with good governance principles, focusing on quality, flexibility, and freedom in academic affairs, along with a plan for risk management. 
  • Promote and encourage teachers to create knowledge with research processes and academic services in order to develop education and publish the works for application.
  • Provide services in academic affairs, transfer technology for elevating the standards of communities and society with quality, and respond to the demands of communities and society.
  • Promote integrating research for improving the country, following the philosophy of the sufficiency economic, focus on the IT center, and spread the art and culture of the Rattanakosin Era.

Strategic Issues

Elevating the research standard, creating knowledge and innovation for local development.


Enhancing the competency and potential in research and development
Work Plan:
- Development of researchers
- Development of research and a database of art and culture of the Rattanakosin Era
- Research for local development

Developing and promoting research to an international level 
Work Plan:
- Publishing the works for international viewing

Empowering modern researchers to become professional 
Work Plan:
- Research of institutes

Elevating the research of the public sector in commercial cooperation with the private sector  
Work Plan:
- Building a research network